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The Website Engagement You Always Wanted For Your Website

tiger.do live chat

This is the must-have website visitor engagement app for your business. The tiger.do service & companion app is crammed with features & available at a fantastic low price!

Features of tiger.do include:

  • Instant alerts when visitors are on your website or send you a message
  • Set availability schedule for yourself and team members for alerts
  • Get insights on visitors when you start chatting
  • Chat with unlimited visitors on upto 3 websites
  • Handover live chat to team member when not available or when temporarily Away
  • Share text, images & videos while chatting through shortcuts
  • Capture visitor / lead details via Offline form or pre-configured Lead form

one app multiple solutions

And theres more in the mobile app...

  • Free Website online/offline status uptime monitoring from your smartphone
  • Create banner graphics within the app
  • Publish posts from your smartphone to Social Media
  • Publish offers to your website as popups from your smartphone
  • Get help with improving your website SEO from your smartphone

Oh... and theres still more...

18 Months For The Price Of 12 Months

After your FREE trial, you get an additional 6 months added to your tiger.do annual subscription license when you subscribe via iWebz℠ which is an authorized reseller of tiger.do services.

  • Your website visitors can be on ANY web browser on the PC or Mobile
  • Website owner & Team member mobile apps will work with any Android / iPhone
  • Desktop web version will work with most major modern web browsers
  • Simple to insert JavaScript-based website (integration) code works on any website

Official website: www.tiger.do

  • One tiger.do website owner license supports upto 3 websites, with upto 10 team members per website
  • Requires you to have an existing website in which you need to add a line of JavaScript code
  • Requires an Android / iPhone for installing the mobile app to configure & live chat
  • Optionally you can use the desktop web version from any major web browser
  • To handover chats to team members (optional), they need to have the team app installed on their Android / iPhone, or be logged in to the desktop web version
  • Notifications will only be received on mobile apps
  • Training or Documentation not included, but available via tiger.do apps
  • 14-day free trial is available before purchase on request
tiger.do Mobile Apps & Website Plugins

Website owner app (request free trial before buying a license)

download tiger.do live chat iphone app download tiger.do live chat android app

Team member app (optional if you have a team)

download tiger.do live chat iphone app download tiger.do live chat android app

Web Plugins available


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to a bunch of questions we get asked very often.

Q. Why should I buy a tiger.do license via iWebz?

A.  iWebz is an authorised reseller for tiger.do, and provides an 18 month license for the price of the listed 12 month license available when purchased directly.

Q. I have already registered for a tiger.do trial. Can I now buy the license for the account through iWebz?

A. Yes you can. Please fill the Request Free Trial form with details used in the app. Then buy the license using the Buy A License section.

Q. Whom should I contact if I have issues using the tiger.do app & service?

A. Please check the FAQs for the app first.You may contact the app developer directly via the Contact Us option within your tiger.do website owner app.

Q. I have more queries. How can I reach iWebz to get answers?

For any queries please send a message using the form below.

About tiger.do

tiger.do is the must have website visitor engagement mobile app for individuals and small businesses. Simple to use and feature rich. You get website live chat for yourself & team, web analytics, lead management, social media publishing, SEO tools, and more.

tiger.do is a recently-launched unique product by Tiger Digitech.

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Choose to Try or Buy

Free 14-day trial, followed by license purchase. Buying through iWebz gets you 18 months for the price of 12!

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  • Get 6 months extra duration when you buy a license via iWebz℠
  • Requires email address (username) of a trial account
  • Get an additional discount with a coupon / promo code from available offers
  • Strict NO REFUNDS policy after payment
  • Please allow upto 48 hours to activate your 18 month license on your tiger.do username
  • Internet connectivity charges will be additional and as billed by your ISP
  • For a complete listing of tiger.do service terms click here